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We Connect your music and artistry with Radio and Industry Decision Makers;

Program Directors, Music Directors, Consultants, Corporate Programming, Media and Industry executives, CEOs, Presidents, A&R, Publishers, Management etc..  AND with Radio Listeners and Fans across the USA..


We use Social Media, organic and paid, Social messaging and email  targeting fans, Radio Listeners and Radio Decision Makers in reporting and monitored radio markets based on the projects goals, bullsi digital drives listener and decision maker engagement, awareness and demand  via Radio socials, texting, messaging and e mail.  


The campaign targets Radio Decision Makers from corporate to local via Social Media in various trade publications and industry blogs, hangouts and Socials.. a wide variety of Radio and Industry Social hangouts.. .


  • We target Radio Listener / Fan Socials across the USA at  facebook, instagram, twitter, you tube, tik tok and email..  all focused on Decision Makers in reporting radio markets at all chart levels..

  • Decision maker Social contacts with Music Industry, Record company CEOs, Presidents, A&R, Promotion, publishing and Media.  


  • Radio Listeners and Fans: We use Artist song Video / Audio, targeting Radio listeners and fans at  terrestrial, satellite and digital Radio blogs asking them to like and share the video / audio and to ask their favorite Radio Station to play the song.. Driving listener demand to Radio Decision makers targeting radio station Socials, texting, messaging  and e mail. We can re direct the video / Audio link to Artist's facebook, instagram, web site  or you tube page, building followers and traffic..


  • We target fans and listeners at various Music publications digital sites and a wide variety of blogs, Magazines and Socials for Radio and Television in key markets.  We target similar artists socials as well in our advertising buys


  • Digital Media; Local and National Newspaper, Magazines, Local and Network Television, Blogs, Radio Morning Shows etc.. We will target publications with our  Social Media  and email in Ad campaigns..

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