In 1996 Bullseye was founded by John Hart while working in the Radio Broadcasting industry as  VP of programming, content  and marketing for a major broadcasting company in Philadelphia, PA.  
For 15+ years he worked as an "On Air"personality at Country Radio in various markets before moving into Programming and Marketing management.  John has worked in programming and marketing for Country Music in various markets working with their clients in many business sectors designing, building and implementing Marketing campaigns. 
In 1997 John headed south to Nashville, TN.   In Nashville he had some great Music Industry contacts from his Country radio days. Three of which (Sony, Universal and Atlantic) brought Bullseye on as marketing, research and promotion consultants dealing with artist development and marketing at radio and media. Bullseye was in business and working with some of Country Music’s most successful companies.  
IBullseye launched Bullseye Audience Research, researching current music with radio listeners in the USA.  Bullseye also conducted local music research for radio broadcast clients in 50+ markets.  In 2000 Radio & Records, a leading trade publication brought Bullseye in to conduct ‘Callout America”, a national market research chart on current music being played on radio..  Radio & Records later sold to Billboard Publications and in addition to conducting research John wrote a column in Billboard for the next 10+  years..  “Callout America” continues to publish to this day.
In 2008 Bullseye launched “The Nashville Country Club” a web based entertainment news and information Blog..  The NCC put Bullseye in the Social Media world. The NCC has 500,000+ Fans and Followers in key Radio Markets Nationwide..
Bullseye continues to work in the Music business as strategic planning, marketing and promotion consultants.  Bullseye continues to publish “The Bullseye Reports” a series of weekly reports to Country Radio centered around market research on current music.



John Hart

After 30 years in radio broadcasting on air and as a programming and marketing VP John left his corporate position in Philadelphia and headed to Nashville where he launched Bullseye in 1996. 

Bullseye consults clients on Marketing and Promotion, working with entertainers,  corporate music labels, artists, artist management clients  to  develop  and grow their   business and careers

Glenda joined Bullseye in 2004 and has been running the place ever since. She is responsible for all things data. That includes research, data bases, software etc. Glenda recently recieved her degree in Information Technology / Data Management. 

Glenda also serves as the Bullseye Creative Director..

Glenda Doner 

The Boss

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