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The most important asset you have is  "Awareness".. Awareness for your business, your music and you as an artist, awareness with decision makers in the Music Industry as a whole,  awareness with decision makers at radio, with labels, management, A&R, producers, song writing, publishing, publicity media, streaming and with Radio listeners and fans.   




Radio Decision Makers; Program Directors, Music Directors, Consultants, Corporate Programming and broadcast media executives at all chart levels.. 


Bullseye  reach's Radio Listeners and Fans  in U.S. Radio Markets and with custom targeted Social Media posting and E Mail campaigns...  As well as Organic and paid Social campaigns..  


Marketing and Promotion campaigns include delivering content to Digital Media Decision Makers at Local and National Newspaper, Magazines, Local and Network Television, Blogs, Radio Morning Shows etc and building and targeting your digital promotion and marketing assets like your web site and social platforms for MAX results.

 The Bullseye Team  can take care of YOUR Business.  ALL of it,  OR Just the parts you need help with.  We cover all the bases for you.. From a Label home should you need one to Label Business Services, Radio Promotion, Radio and Media Relationships, Marketing (Traditional and Digital) , Streaming, Publicity and Social Media. We can build out your Web site and all of your Social Platforms, integrating those into your Marketing and Promotion strategy..   

Let's talk about HOW to achieve your goals and meet your expectations

Lets plan your career path for SUCCESS !

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