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Bullseye Marketing Research, Inc is a privately owned full service research firm. Since our establishment in 1996 BMR has grown rapidly offering a wide range of alternative solutions tailored to meet the needs of our growing clientele. The Bullseye goal is to uphold the highest standards in all efforts. We value the relationships we develop with our clients and are dedicated to providing quality services and effort in every Research project.

BMR offers superior level data collection with a focus on the projects sample of respondents.  Who you are talking to defines the reliability of a projects result. Whether that project is telephone collection, internet collection or face to face the quality of the sample is the primary focus.

BMR offers two data collection centers. One in Fresno CA and the other in our Nashville, TN corporate offices. Both centers are equipped with state of the art CATI data collection platforms which offer live monitoring of all projects. The BMR internet data collection and fielding services are above and beyond. We do not use standard collection or reporting platforms. Every BMR project is custom designed and built to fit the unique needs and meet the expectations of our clientele. In addition Bullseye offers mixed telephone / Internet fielding solutions. The goal is to get your project in and out of the field and results in your hands as quickly as possible.

Our team at Bullseye would like to have the opportunity to assist you in your next Research project. 

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